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I am a serial creative and a business owner living in Cape Town, South Africa with my wife and two kids.

My business, Flick™ takes complex things and turns them into easy to understand film clips. I am also a DOP, photographer and creative director with a background in art direction. Over the past 20 years I have worked for and with some of the most influential creative agencies in South Africa on a variety of products, businesses and blue chip clients.


An eye for detail

I am old enough to have seen both the film and photography industries transition from celluloid to digital, and young enough to have learnt to work with both. Going from darkroom to aperture, from offline to online.

I am constantly amazed at how the cost of entry has dropped to a point where everyone has the opportunity to tell their stories using both. Having said that, I am aware that cameras and software are merely tools and you need the creative behind the lens to make the magic happen.

Over the years I have come to focus more on portraiture, without being a journalist. It’s important that people see themselves in my work and I try to capture moments rather than poses in a way that’s natural and uncontrived.



As I divide my time between my family, my business and my photography I am only able to take on a select number of commissions per year. For queries, please contact me on +27 82 561 3962 or via any of the social media links on the left.